Glenwood, Harlan, Chitwood Cemeteries
Compiled By M. Constance GuardinoIII

  January 2013

(1) Hilltop Bridge (2) Evan & Julie Hendricks, Timber Lillard (3) Nashville (4) Rustic Rural Barn

Glenwood Pioneer Cemetery

Arnold, Catherine (1813-1902) m/o Sarah & Mary; Brown, Asa Wm (1895-1919) s/o Ell St Johns & Chas W; pvt WWI; Brown, Chas Ray (1893-1918) s/o Ella St Johns & Chas W; pvt WWI; Brown, Chas W “Hilltop” (1864-1937); Brown, Ella St Johns (?-1869) w/o Chas W; Brown, Ethel (1882-1896) d/o Clementine & Curtis; Davenport, Forrest (?-1914) infant s/o Bill & Nellie; Davenport, Job Wm “Bill” (1870-1921); Davenport, John Iverson (1832-1901 Salado) f/o Bill & Geo; Hanson, Nellie Bennett Davenport (?-1962 bur Newport) w/o Bill; Moore, Adella Ellenburg (1864-1943); Moore, Roy (1886-1929); Moore, Wm R (1859-1938); Spencer, Clara Moore (1898-1967 Drain) d/o D & Wm; Stewart, Bessie Keeney (?-1911) w/o Sam; Stewart, Doris (1899-1906) d/o Bessie Keeney & Sam; Timberlake, Emily (1840-1915) m/o Jennie Timberlake Bohannon; w/o A T; Washburn, — (?-? female); Watkins, Martha Burch (?-1903) w/o John; m/o Elmer & Nathan; Wilhoit, Simeon J (1869-1894) s/o Mary F & Henry C; Wilson, Geo (1892-1898) s/o Belle Brown.

Harlan Pioneer Cemetery

Allen, — (?-?); Amos, Orah E (1857-1915); Ashcroft, Dorothy L (1928-1929); Baker, — (?-?); Barker, Rbt (1843-1916) f/o Ms Adams; pvt Civil War; Bennett, Martha (1883-1950); Bennett, Van V (1868-1946); Black, Rbt (1862-1917); Calkins, Geo H? (?-?); Calkins, Jessie Hunter (?-?) w/o John Byram; Calkins, John Byram (1906-1936) h/o Jessie Hunter; Calkins, Sarah J Golly (1854-1945); Chapman, J[ohn] A (1816-1896); Clark, Marshall J (?-?) Blacksmith Co E 3rd Inf Regt IA Vol Civil War; Cole, C A? (?-?); Cook, Flora H Hayworth (1859-1928) m/o Grace Cook Dodson; Cook, Siegel Frank (1863-1932) f/o Grace Cook Dodson; Corbit, — (?-?) grands/o Grace Cook Dodson; Daniel, Inez Calkins (1889-1968); Daniel, Jesse R (1883-1944); Dodson, Forrest T (1933-1933) infant s/o Leona Grant & Sherril; Erbes, Henry F (1866-1931) h/o Ann; Feagles, Jane Lillard (?-?) d/o Nancy E Mulkey (1834-? MO) & Morgan (1828-? NC)?; Feagles, John H (1873-1963 Harlan); Feagles, R L (?-?) f/o John; h/o Jane Lillard; Fox, Tunnie P (1953-1966); Golly, Wm H (1868-1935); Goodenough, Lillian E (1912-1967); Grant, Althea Brown (1881-?); Grant, Ben Franklin (1849-1938); Grant, Joyce (?-?) d/o Lester & Althena; Grant, Leota Calkins (1891-1949); Grant, Louella (1912-1912) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, Lucetta Oglesby (1854-1921 OR) d/o Mary Stockton (1809-? TN) & Wm Willis I (1804-? VA); Sis of Louisa (1859-? OR) & Cynthia (1869-? OR); Grant, Margaret (1917-1920) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, May Cook Fuller (1893-1969); Grant, Nola (?-1924) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, N Lester (1877-1957) s/o Lucetta Oglesby & B F; Grant, Norman (1913-1939) s/o Lester & Althea; Grant, R Elijah (1883-1975); Grant, Wm Willis (1880-1961); Gray, Mary Louise (?-1924); Harlan, Baby (1893-1893); Harlan, Martha Ann (1858-1893); Hathaway, Baby (1906-1906 male) s/o Emma Mischler & Robin; Hodges, — (?-?); Lang, Melvin (?-?); Lillard, Morgan (1828-1891 NC); Lillard, Nancy E Mulkey (1834-1870 MO) d/o Lavinia Reed & Chas; w/o Morgan; Lillard, Thms J (1859-? OR) s/o Nancy E Mulkey & Morgan; Longdon, Alfred (1861-1925); Marsh, — (?-?); Martin, — (?-?); Martin, Wilson Edw (1886-1951); McCullegh, — (?-?); McDonald, Juanita (1923-1925) d/o Jessie Brown & Clifford; McDonald, Lois (1927-1941) d/o Jessie Brown & Clifford; Mischler, Alwine (1853-1936); Mischler, John (1844-1916); Mischler, Lizzie (1881-1898); Moore, Bessie Grant Allison (1897-1953) w/o Wm Allison; Mulkey, — (?-?); Mulkey, A C Penrose (1839-? MO); Mulkey, Chas B (1812-? KY); Mulkey, Lavinia Reed (1815-?); Mulkey, Rich (1892-1894) s/o Mary Ballard (1860-1893) & Wm B; Mulvaney, Ora M (1884-1900) grandd/o Adaline E (1842-? IA) & L W (1839-? TN)?; Nelson, Rbt L (1945-1945); Overlander, Chas (1861-1930) Big Elk Valley 1897; Overlander, Frederick R (1864-1937); Poole, John M (1882-1944); Poole, Nellie A (1886-1947); Rea, Wm Vincento (1943-2000 MI); Ridenour, Erma (?-1903) Infant d/o Anna & Geo; Ridenour, Herbert C (1880-1891) s/o Jane Kinney & Wm A; Ridenour, Jane Kinney (1846-1910 IL) w/o Wm A (c1831-1908 MD); m/o Mary Ellen (1869-? OR) & Verna (1885-1903); Ridenour, Vera (1885-1903) d/o Jane Kinney & Wm A; Ridenour, Wm A (c1831-1908 MD); Rowe, Olive O (1882-1897); Sasser, Hazel M (1919-1947); Sharp, — (?-?); Shipley, W J (1839-? MO)?; h/o Anna M (1845-? OH); f/o Ellen May (1866-? OR); Smith, Gladys (?-?); Smith, Raymond (1909-1974); Springer, Bonnie Nell (1884-1971); Springer, C D (1882-1953); Springer, Virginia (1916-1950); Stevens, — (?-? male); Tavenor, Harold W (1925-1971) NB SCF Btry A IM SL Korean War (1950-1953); Vietnam War (1950-1975); Thompson, Frank A (?-1928 bur Harlan); Turner, Miriam Fuller Calkins (1912-1940); Tuttle, Rev Dorsey (1900-1977) Tuttle, Nettie (1881-1971) w/o Dorsey; Waterman, Wm (1908-1973); Young, Baby (?-? twin) infant of Riley & Florence; Young, Ivy Harlan (?-1929); Young, Laura Grant (1878-1975); Young, Milton H (?-1918); h/o Eva Harlan; f/o Riley, Ben, Anna and Mildred.

Chitwood Pioneer Cemetery

Beers, Mable Vina Henry (1894-1933) d/o Vina Cohn & H M; Brown, Martin John (1879-1963); Bushey, Mary (?-1906) m/o E L Geer Canning, Rich “Jas G?” (c1862-1934); Chitwood, Harold D (1897-1910) s/o D J; accidentally shot to death; Chitwood, Henry M (?-?); Chitwood, Jas T (1825-1902 IN); Chitwood, Rufus E (1892-1909) s/o D & L; Cook, Alvin T (1897-1921); Cook, Elbert Rich “Speed” (1904-1975) s/o Willmore N; Cook, Lorena Alberta (1874-1936); Cook, Willmore N (1864-1946) s/o Rich of Maine; Cooper, Glenn S (1924-1936); Crawford, Ira A (c1899-1925) OR Inf 5 Div WWI; Davis, Bessie (1912-1920); Davis, John E (1899-1966) 1st lt 451 Base Unit WWII; Davis, Leslie (?-1915); Durkee, Hattie A (1838-1890); Durkee, W E (c1838-1928 OH) Co G 8th Inf Regt WI Vol Civil War; Dwinell, Asa (?-?); Dwinell, Bertha “Biddie” (1878-1929) Eva Warnock & Dick; Dwinell, Rbt (1878-1929); Eddy, Marie Phelonise Manuel (1842-1916); she married (1) Felix Aikey (1825-1873), about 1858. Aikey was born in Sorel, Richelieu, PQ. He died Dec 22, 1873 in Kelso Township, Sibley, MN; (2) Israel Fisk Eddy (1824-1911), son of Ezekiel Eddy and Lucy Fisk on Oct 21, 1876 in Le Sueur, MN. The marriage ended in divorce. Eddy was born Feb 14, 1824 in Clarendon, Ruthland, VT. He died Apr 17, 1911 in Newport, Lincoln County, OR; Geer, C C (1851-?); Geer, Mary Bushey (?-1906); Geer, Hazel (1890-1912) d/o E L & C C; Gillie, Magnus (?-? Chitwood) powder man; Hart, Ulysses Grant (c1869-1925) Co L 5 IL Spanish American War; Henry, Esther B Turner (c1917-1933); Henry, Harrison Montgomery (?-?); Henry, John Henry (c1856-1924) h/o Lavina; Henry, Lavina Isabel Cohn (1865-1936) d/o Levi; w/o H M; Henry, Mary Agnes (?-?); Henry, Michael (c1896-1912) born on Pilgrim; s/o H M & Isabel; Hoiness, Doris (?-?); Jacobson, Gus (1892-1969) OR F 3 US Navy WWI; Johnson, Clarence Dean (1894-1965); Johnson, Martha Thompson (1868-1935) d/o Nancy Lewis & Milton; Johnson, Oliver (1860-1936 Norway); Jones (?-?); Kurtichanov, Ann (?-?); Kurtichanov, Martha (1849-1941); Kurtichanov, Paul (?-1903); Kurtichanov, Titus (c1846-1925); Landess, Geo Lincoln (1863-1922); Landess, Martha E (1866-1960); Lewis, Margaret E (1838-1910 Wales); Lewis, Thms F (1836-1916) pvt Civil War; Mason, Ralph (?-1900); Miller, Irene Phillips (1897-1968); Miller, Nels Wallis (1891-1947) f/o Peter A; pvt WWI; Miller, Peter A (1919-1921); Olson, Chas John (1876-1935) s/o Olaf Frederickson of Sweden; bro of Fred; Olson, Fred (?-?) s/o Olaf Frederickson of Sweden; bro of Chas John; Palmer, Kate L (c1881-1926 born Wallowa County); Palmer, Nathan Z (c1845-1930); Pepin, Archibald? (?-?) s/o Flora May Aikey and Lafe?; Pepin, Earl (c1901-1902) s/o Laura Aikey & I J; Pepin, Flora May (1909-1910); Pepin, Flora May Aikey (1864-1948); Pepin, Fred “Pearl” (1884-1949) h/o Gladys Phillips Crawford; Pepin, I J “Bill” (1855-1934) h/o Laura Aikey; f/o Ms Cline; Pepin, Lafe F (1850-1917); Pepin, Ralph (?-?); s/o Flora Aikey and Lafe; Pepin, Thola Virginia (?-1912) d/o Ralph; Phillips, John H “Jack” (1860-1914) s/o Isabell Clark & John; Phillips, Lena Kurtichanov (1878-1969); Phillips, Paul O (1908-1940); Price, Agnes Hunter (c1852-1923); Price, Hope B Miller? (?-?) d/o Dr Horace C Miller (1864-? Canada)?; Pruitt, Effie Trapp (c1868-1892 OR) d/o Meeky M (1846-? IA) & Mathias L (1838-? MO); sis of Dudley (1864-? OR); m/o Ethel; died accident on railroad handcar; Pruitt, Ethel (c1891-1892) d/o Effie Trapp; died accident on railroad handcar; Pruitt, Sidney A (1856-1933); Reid, Marie Barnett (1859-1918); Reid, Thms (?-?); Reece, Sam A II (1875-1909) s/o Sam A I; Reece, W R (?-1909) half bro of John Quincy Adams (In his Nov. 23, 2001 letter to the author, Dennie Rennow wrote: "My JQA Richardson was born July 06, 1825.  His mother was Margaret Reece. JQA was born and spent much of his life in Pulaski County KY.  Sep. 1871 he moved to Kansas. I think he may have been there in 1850 also."); Richardson, Paul E (1937-1971); Robertson, Thms (c1832-1903); Rowe, Edna E Geer (1887-1964 WI); Rowe, Fred A (1878-1958); Satter, Ann Reid (1887-1943); Satter, Chas L (c1882-1968); Satter, Edith (1906-1919); Satter, Hazel (c1917-1919); Smith, Geo T (1864-1942); Smith, Paul H (1916-1919); Smith, Maude Whitney (1879-1954); Stephens, -- (?-?); Strouss, John “Jack” (c1872-1935); Strouss, Nettie Strope (1860-1938 NY) d/o Jeanette Park; Trapp, Harry (1886-1931) s/o Meeky M (1846-? IA) & Mathias L (1838-? MO); bro of Dudley (1864-? OR) & Effie (1868-? OR); Welch, John (c1842-1912); Whitney, Baby (?-?); Whitney, Laura A Parker (1855-1900 Burns, IL); Whitney, LeRoy (?-?); Whitney, Marion Thms (1846-1927 Milan, IN); Wilcox, Clayton (1947-1977); Wildman, Everett (1885-1960) h/o Christine Satter; Wildman, Lucy A (c1862-1902) w/o Rodney L; Wildman, Rodney L (c1865-1936) h/o Lucy A; Wilson, Archie W (1885-1942); Wilson, Chas Sumner (1857-1941) bro of Joe; Wilson, Elsie May (1880-1900 d/o Sarah Chitwood & Joe E); Wilson, Mary Ogden (1860-1944); Wilson, Malinda J 1854-1920) d/o Rena Wilson Cook; 2nd w/o Joe; Wilson, Milton H (1859-1906) bro of Joe E; Whitaker, Jos Oscar (1889-1943); Wood, Emma M Bliss (1860-1934) w/o Ruben R; m/o Renos Abner & Leland; Wood, Renos Abner (1889-1912) s/o Ruben R; Wood, Reuben R (1854-1906) f/o Renos Abner & Leland; Wood, Leland (1898-1916) s/o Ruben R; Wright, Frances (1857-1920); Wright, Jos Grant (1873-1945) h/o Julia Kyniston.

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